Readers crave originality of story elements, such as overall concept, characters, and plot. Why crowd the shelves with more of the same? Sewickley Forest Press particularly embraces stories promoting social or political change, which adds meat to the bone and chew for the reader.

Why use Sewickley Forest Press, a traditional publisher, instead of self-publishing? The main reasons are to save yourself loads of work and to increase your odds of success. Most new authors fail to understand the steps necessary to selling a lot of copies of a book. First, most successful books have undergone significant editing. The first stage of editing is story development. The focus is on the story concept and the main story arc, as well as the direction of subplots. The story concept may not be original enough and may need a unique angle. The story arc may be incomplete, needing more development of particular narrative steps. The story may need more subplots or different subplots. Even experienced authors need this outside perspective.

Once the story concept and overall storylines are developed properly, the second stage of editing focuses on specific sequences. Problems with shifts and transitions between sequences are identified. The pace of the narrative and its flow are addressed. Attention is directed toward plot inconsistencies, unclear description, and flawed dialogue. Being so close to the story or exhausted by having composed it, an author commonly cannot see these glitches. After these problems are fixed, the third stage of editing examines more specifically repeating phrases, wrong words, and grammatical errors.

In addition to the editing, widely selling books need stunning cover art, effective graphic design, and alluring pitches. Once this design work is completed, the book needs distributed and marketed.

You can choose to skip these steps, but your book will not likely sell more than 100 copies. Or you can seek out this assistance from different third-parties. But you’ll need to spend the time to find experienced third-parties and pay them. You can spend a great deal of time as your own general contractor, or spend that time writing new stories. Did you want to become a writer to spin your wheels in the complex market of book sales or to tell wonderful tales?

Consider submitting your query letter to Sewickley Forest Press before undertaking the large project of self-publishing. (See Manuscript Submissions in the upper menu.)