DIARY ENTRY: October 15, 2046

It’s been a year since Damon was taken. My precious boy! I can only work through the dark emotions and personal trauma, by sifting through the events leading up to it. Those events flash in pieces before my mind’s eye, too fleeting to assemble into a comprehensible whole. Writing out the facts will hopefully slow those historical events and tie them together. I’m in Mexico, but professional therapy is still beyond my wallet.

I’ve decided to write a short history of geopolitics. It’ll be a series of diary entries for now, starting in the year 2000. If it turns into something decent, I might try to publish it. My sources are fragments from high school, online research, and in the more recent years, direct experience. Maybe Damon will someday read it, and understand how America became so twisted by 2045.

I need to footnote my sources. Yes, I can fact check later if necessary. My facts will stay put. Yes. I disable my personal biases from mutating the facts into an architecture of delusional thinking. I might even use a pie chart, hee hee. How scholarly! Actually, it saves words.

The following anecdote might seem odd, but trust me, it’ll help. It captures macroeconomics and geopolitics on a manageable scale.

I once had a pink piggy bank. I emptied it and replaced the money with a note, a promise to myself that I’d put the twenty dollars back in. Once a month, I did slip a dollar through the little slot. It was interest on my loan.

Shortly thereafter, I didn’t have enough money to pay back my mom, my sister, and myself. So I paid my mom and sister their interest payment and abandoned the piggy bank. As soon as they learned I couldn’t pay into my piggy, they got nervous—about my ability to repay them.

My mom became so nervous, she sold my loan note to my uncle. She raced to him, wanting to beat my sister. After all, there weren’t many other family members to sell to. If she tried selling the note at the same time as my sister, the note would drop in value, as my uncle could choose to buy my sister’s note instead. He could make them bid downward against each other. (More supply with the same demand lowers the value.)

All the other note holders in the family took notice. Suddenly these other nine people tried selling my notes to the remaining three relatives. There was now much more supply with the same limited demand. The remaining relatives had nine sellers to choose from, whereas my uncle only had two. The value of my loan notes plummeted.

Could I borrow any more money from relatives? I’d have to offer repay terms better than the notes already floating around. Well, those prior notes were for $1,000 plus $100 dollars interest. So the note holder would make $100 upon my full repayment. The remaining three relatives ended up buying the prior notes for $200. They would now make $900 upon my repayment (the $1100 I owed minus the $200 they paid).

For my last three relatives to want my new notes instead, I’d have to offer new notes for $1,000 plus over $900 interest. Otherwise, my new notes wouldn’t give them a greater profit. All of my family knew I couldn’t afford that. None of them bought new notes from me. My ability to borrow using IOUs ended.

§          §          §

The same thing happened to America. The year was 2025. Afterwards, awful things unfolded for the next twenty years through 2045—the year Damon was taken.